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First Italian OpenFOAM User Meeting
Dept. of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER) - Politecnico di Milano
October 19th, 2022

1st Italian OpenFOAM User Meeting


We are really happy to announce the First Italian OpenFoam User meeting 2022 at the Dept. of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER), Politecnico di Milano. The event aims to bring together OpenFOAM users as well as those interested in potential applications of the code. People from academia and industry are higly welcomed to present their own activity in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in OpenFOAM.

Important Note - Registration Closed

Dear Italian Foamers,
we would like to thank you very much for your strong interest to the event. We got a very large number of abstract proposals from Italy and from Europe; despite we did our best, we were clearly not able to satisfy all the requests that we got. In a few days, we overcome the max number of seats in the audience and we filled all the available slots for the presentations.
So, registrations to the event in person are closed.

If you have not registered to the event (and you have not received a confirmation email of your booked seat), please do not come in person to the venue; we will be forced to let you out.
If you are willing to follow the event and you could not get a seat, we will work to make the event available online for those who are interested.
Thank you very much for your understanding and thank you again!

The Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Federico Piscaglia – Dept. of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER), Politecnico di Milano
  • Federico Ghioldi – Dept. of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER), Politecnico di Milano
  • Emanuele Gallorini – Dept. of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER), Politecnico di Milano
  • Dr. Ivan Spisso – Leonardo Labs
  • Dr. Valerio D’Alessandro – Università Politecnica delle Marche
  • Dr. Pietro Paolo Cittoli – Università di Roma “La Sapienza”
  • Dr. Joel Guerrero – Università di Genova
  • Dr. Giorgio Amati – CINECA
  • Dr. Simone Bna’ – CINECA
  • Daniele Gregori – E4 Engineering
  • Dr. Riccardo Rossi – RED Fluid Dynamics

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Fred Mendonca - Director of Operations, ESI-OpenCFD Ltd, UK

Talk: OpenFOAM is now ubiquitous! We engage on the next step to proliferate the value of Fluid Dynamics for public benefit. We'll cover two topics; OpenFOAM Governance including means to become actively involved in our collective future through the broad range of Technical Committees and Special Interest Groups. Then, we explore the benefits through real social impact in using this technology for the common good.

Bio: Fred graduated from Imperial College, spent several years in code development and architecture before concentrating on Applications and Customer Value with both licensed and opensource CFD. Today he is Managing Director of OpenCFD, Honorary Professor at CEMPS, University of Exeter, enjoying his tennis and looking forward to grandparenthood!

Prof. Kyriakos Giannakoglou - National Technical University of Athens

Talk: The Continuous Adjoint Method in Shape & Topology Optimization in Fluid Mechanics with or without Heat Transfer, in OpenFOAM. Industrial Applications

Bio: Prof. Kyriakos Giannakoglou is with the Lab. of Thermal Turbomachines and head of the Parallel CFD and the Optimization Unit of the School of Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. His research interests include development of CFD-based analysis and optimization methods for internal and external aerodynamics, incl. adjoint methods & evolutionary algorithms. His research group has developed the publicly available continuous adjoint for shape optimization in the OpenFOAM environment.